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Labor Day Sale - 20% off select seasonings.

This Labor Day weekend, fire up the grill and indulge in savory delights with our exclusive BBQ rubs. Unleash your inner grillmaster with discounts that'll make your taste buds dance!

Making great food simple since 2009

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The Everyday Everyway Seasonings

Cooking should be easy

Instant Gourmet Seasonings make grilling a breeze with our well-rounded, versatile blends. Whether it's the bold flavors of our all purpose "the original" seasoning, the rich aroma of our "awake-a-steak" coffee Rub, or the perfect blend of butter & garlic for your veggies with "butter blast", you'll be able to grill up food for the whole family in no time. 
Our Recipes

Quick & Delicious Meals to please the whole family


Kitchen Fusions

  • Best Quality

    Time tested bbq rubs that have customers coming back decade after decade.
  • family made

    Our products are made by our family, ensuring that every blend is crafted with love and passion.
  • solar powered

    All products are produced in our facility powered 100% by solar energy.
  • Customer Service

    As a small family business, when you reach out with a problem, you'll deal with a human directly.
Our Testimonials

 What Do People Say?

Love the ORIGINAL rub, buy it by the 5lb. Bag. Great on brisket, burgers, ribs to name a few

Neal Ham

Neal Ham

All of my experiences with Kitchen Fusions over many years have been positive. Great customer service.

Noah Evan

Ila Sunshine

The [Bourbon Molasses] is subtle but just makes you want another bite. I'm ordering my umpteenth bottle. Began using it at least 5 years ago. My favorite seasoning, by far!

Melissa Arenson

Melissa Arenson