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Beer Batter Mix
Beer Batter Mix

Beer Batter Mix

Sugar Free!
All natural, No Preservatives!

Beer batter takes on a new dimension with this delicious batter mix! From the unique addition of parmesan to the entertaining directions which ask the cook to...

"Pour package contents into a mixing bowl and open 2 cans of beer. Drink 1 to verify that the flavor and quality is acceptable, (repeat as necessary). Add the remaining can of beer (aprox. 10 fl.oz.) to the mix, stirring until the batter has a medium-thin consistency. Drink the remainder of the 2nd. can to confirm flavor."

...this batter is one to be enjoyed!.

Not only is Beer Batter Mix great on fish it's also tremendous on chicken tenderloin, shrimp and vegetables! It even makes great 'crunchies' to serve on the side when drizzled by spoonfuls into hot oil and fried until golden brown!

Beer Batter mix is packaged in a unique printed green fish cloth bag and is the perfect gift for both the occasional, or continual fisherman or fisherwoman.