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About Us

Kitchen Fusions is a foodie’s paradise for those who love great food and like to share those great tastes with friends and family. Is there anything better to share with those you care about than a seat at your table? We are a small American manufacturer with a diverse offering of unique products to tantalize your taste buds. We produce all of our products in our facility that is certified and regularly inspected by the Department of Agriculture. We pride ourselves on using all natural ingredients purchased from companies here in the USA

Our company’s roots go back to 1974 as Jodie’s Kitchen. Jodie’s was founded by Jodie Chaplin, a trail blazer in both the area of creation of dips / herbal blends and in being a woman business owner. Her original Dip-Idy Dill has become a mainstay in many people’s homes.

To Jodie’s we added Fusion Flavors, an exotic / edgy seasonings line, including specialty olive oil dips. Fusion Flavors was co-founded by Victoria Auge. The strong woman leadership of this product line has made it one which has been welcomed by fine gourmet and wine stores.

Next we added Autumn Harvest founded by Dan Webber and whose home town flavor harkens back to days gone by. Specialty bread mixes make a perfect gift or a great excuse to bake. When paired with one of our Fusion Flavors oil dips and a good Olive Oil, you are guaranteed applause at your next gathering.

Finally, Instant Gourmet which was founded by Phil LaMarche (Rest in Peace, Phil), joined the family and really brought the “WOW” to the party. You can never go wrong at the grill with Instant Gourmet by your side!

We love the opportunity we have to share our kitchen with yours and promise that we will always provide the highest quality products as well as support the other small businesses of our country. As we continue to grow, you can count on us not to forget our roots and the love that has gone into the development of each of our product lines!

We are proud to be a Florida-based, woman owned, family operated company, manufacturing in the USA that recycles 99% of our waste.