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About Bridget & Pauley's

At Bridget & Pauley's, we've always believed in the power of good food to bring folks together. What started as a humble endeavor to put our children through college has evolved into a heartfelt mission. We're passionate about making a positive impact in our community.

Today, not only do we take pride in crafting gourmet soup and dip mixes that warm the soul, but we're also committed to giving back. A portion of our proceeds and product finds its way to our local soup kitchens. We know there's no better way for a soup and dip company like ours to give back than by supporting those who provide nourishment and care to those in need.

Our journey has come full circle, from nourishing our own to lending a helping hand to our community. Bridget & Pauley's is more than just about food; it's about creating a legacy of giving, one bowl of soup at a time. We invite you to join us on this heartwarming journey as we continue to make a difference, one savory spoonful at a time.

Bridget & Pauley poured their love for homemade soups and dips into every product they created. For many years, they tirelessly worked to share their delicious creations with the world. But as life goes, they've decided to hang up their aprons and embrace a well-deserved retirement.

While they've passed the ladle to Kitchen Fusions, who now lovingly creates the beloved recipes that made Bridget & Pauley's famous, the founders' mission remains steadfast. Their dedication to giving back to local soup kitchens continues.

Bridget and Pauley may have retired from the daily kitchen hustle, but their legacy lives on in every delectable bowl of soup and dip. So, as we forge ahead, we invite you to be a part of this heartwarming journey, enjoying the same mouthwatering flavors and knowing that your support keeps their mission alive. Here's to Bridget and Pauley, their cherished recipes, and the legacy of giving back they've inspired.

For more than twenty years, Bridget & Pauley have had the privilege of working hand in hand with Kitchen Fusions, a small family business nestled in the heart of sunny Florida. This partnership has helped make it possible for us to bring our culinary creations to your table.

Now, as Bridget and Pauley embrace their well-deserved retirement, Kitchen Fusions will be taking the reins to ensure the legacy of Bridget & Pauley's continues to flourish. With the same level of devotion and craftsmanship, they will carry forward our mission of giving back to local soup kitchens.


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Kitchen Fusions
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