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Coffee Seasoning Rub on steaks for bbq grill

Awake-A-Steak Coffee Rub

★★★★★ (53)

Add sizzle to your steaks and wake up your taste buds! Instant Gourmet's coffee seasoning rub is a robust blend of gourmet spices and fresh-roast coffee that adds western WOW to a cowboys favorite meal. Rub this coffee seasoning into steaks to flavor and seal in natural juices or add an adventurous new taste to beef, chicken and hamburgers. The robust flavor profile of a "roasted garlic pepper" seasoning brought on by this coffee seasoning can't be missed. Try it on portobello mushrooms as a vegan friendly burger! Hand crafted by our family owned, family operated facility in the USA.

-From our family, to your table, enjoy!