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Chipotle Blacken - Blackened Seasoning

★★★★★ (6)
Chipotle Blacken is a robust Cal-Mex seasoning blend with the distinct flavors of five different chilies (each chosen for its flavor, texture, and color), accented with aromatic herbs and touches of cumin and shallots.

Chipotle Blacken can be classified as a southwest blackening and is unrivaled on salmon. The oils of the salmon, when mixed with the chili peppers in Chipotle Blacken, create a unique spicy flavor. When sprinkled on tuna fish, it imparts a unique smoked flavor. Also try this blend in beans and rice, omelets, in soup and chili, or with chicken, beef and lamb.

4.48 oz

Ingredients: Salt, onion, paprika, corn starch, chipotle, cumin, jalapeno, garlic, cayenne, chives, black pepper, chili powder, lime juice, oregano, and rice concentrate