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Sweet Orange Habanero - Orange Pepper Seasoning

★★★★★ (39)
Enjoy this fusion of citrusy, sweet orange with the slow burn of the habanero pepper for a perfect mix of sweet and heat unlike any other rub. We add enough habanero to give you that satisfying burn that builds throughout your meal, but not enough to overwhelm the majority of people. From chicken to eggs to fish to even coleslaw, this well balanced rub is good on just about anything. The flavors of sweet, citrusy orange and the slow burn of the habanero pepper, the perfect blend of sweet and heat. From our family to your table, enjoy! 


Ingredients: Sugar, garlic, salt, orange peel and juice powder, habanero pepper, herbs, spices, demerara sugar, paprika, lemon peel, black pepper, and rice concentrate